Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What do your customers think?

Today's post is an exercise.  Note: it works for both companies and individuals, just replace company name with your name.

Our self perception and objective opinions are often different.  Most of us are aware of this phenomenon with regards to our bodies, but what about your business and reputation?

Step 1:  Answer the 4 questions below.

Step 2:  Ask a hand full of your customers, visitors, or affiliates the same questions.
  1. How would you describe company name?
  2. What is something that company name does well?
  3. What is something that company name could improve on?
  4. Any other comments?
If your results aren't consistent with your customers, then you have a problem.  The image you are projecting doesn't match the image you have in mind.  You have the power to change the way people perceive you.  Sometimes we end up so far away from where we wanted to be, we can't figure out how to get back.  Take a second to consider what events led to each customer's feedback and start there.