Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Emotion Commotion

Humans are very rational, logical beings... until we become emotional.

I'm a great driver.  I drive a reasonable speed, use my blinkers, and stay in my lane... until some idiot starts tailgating me or cuts me off without a blinker.  My heart races, grip tightens, and suddenly teaching that guy a lesson is more important than the laws of the road.

Emotion is a very powerful tool in persuasion and sales.  Not only do emotions make us throw logic out the window, but we almost always under estimate how far we are willing to go when emotional.

Some quick examples of emotions in action at your grocery store:
  • Local Produce - support your community (doing good for the group)
  • Organic - get/stay healthy (doing good for yourself)
  • Green/Free range - environmentally responsible (doing good for the world)
  • Ice Cream - you deserve a reward/pick me up
  • The checkout isle - impulse buying