Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Where does CRO fit in?

Conversion optimization (CRO) is on the upswing.  Everyday, more people are exposed to CRO and it is quickly being recognized as its own discipline and even its own industry.  With all the other "web" stuff out there under the hat of advertising, marketing, and sales, where does CRO fit in?

Marketing and Advertising are aimed at increasing awareness and bringing [potential] customers in [to your website or business].  The goal of Sales, is to nurture a lead through the sales processes.  CRO is the missing piece where potential customers become customers.

Let's imagine your website is a grocery store.  Your advertisements and other marketing campaigns will help bring people to your store.  Once you have people in the store, you hope they will find what they need.  When they are ready to checkout or need help finding something, your sales associates are ready and willing.

It's the second sentence in this narrative, "Once you have people in the store, you hope..." where the CRO magic happens.  

A consumer's guide in 2010 reported that 60-70% of all purchases made at the grocery store are impulse buys (meaning they weren't on your list).  It wasn't always this way.  Grocery stores use to just "hope" you were able to find what you needed or that you would be willing to ask the sales associate for help.

Today, grocery stores pay top dollar for consultants who know how to layout a grocery store in order to maximize sales.  From general layout, to product placement on the shelves, and even the aisle end-caps, everything has been carefully placed with revenue in mind.  The results?  A 230% increase in sales.

Marketing and advertising brings visitors.  CRO turns those visitors into customers.

Not convinced?  How many extra items do you buy at the grocery store?

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