Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Will you flinch first?

Life is like a never ending staring contest.  Both sides are waiting to see who will blink or flinch or give up first.

The other day I saw a guy on the street corner dancing with a big arrow and advertising some sort of a sale.  His dance was a bit unusual but he seemed to be enjoying himself.  When I looked at his face, he happened to look back at me and suddenly his entire demeanor changed in a way that said, "This isn't who I am.  It's just a job, okay.  Don't judge me."  (My look must have said, "Really, that's how you dance?")

Whether its a lifestyle choice, your clothes, the way you dance, or a business negotiation, it's important not to flinch first.  When someone questions you or challenges you, that's the supreme moment that you have to stand beside your decisions.  

The best sales people are the ones who sell something they truly believe in.  When the questions come, "Does it really work that well?" and "You expect me to pay how much?" you can answer in two ways.  You can dance around the question and try to avoid the fact that it is just a job, or you can stand up tall and share a story of how great it works.  Show a bit of shock that they think the price is too high.  If anything, a product like this should be more expensive.  Your confidence gives them confidence.

How many fashion fads were started by someone confidently wearing something that no one else would dare wear in public?  

When you are not deterred by challengers, the question isn't, "Why are you shirtless and dancing?"  Rather it is, "Why isn't everyone shirtless and dancing?"