Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Putting imagination to work

Imagination is a powerful thing.  My two year old calls it his "magic nation," which makes me think of "imagination" as a magical place where anything is possible.

Imagination is more powerful than memory because you can imagine the future, not just the past.  But, it is susceptible to the same rose colored glasses that our memories are.  Have you ever noticed that people, in general, look better with clothes on vs naked?  Clothing hides many of our imperfections and our imaginations don't tend to add harry moles or saggy skin to our mental images.  

If you can engage the imaginations of your visitors, they will see you and your products through rose colored glasses and forget the negative things.

If you sell vacuums, you can talk about how in a lab test your vacuum lifted 30% more dirt and 9 out of 10 moms prefer it because it leaves their carpets cleaner.  This is the logical approach.  Unfortunately, our logical brain will also want to know if it is 30% louder as well or has hard to replace bags that tear easily.

The alternative is to demonstrate what 30% more dirt looks like and ask people to think about the dirt that their current vacuum leaves in their carpet.  The same carpets that your kids roll around on.  What if you could get your carpets 30% cleaner?  This approach uses the imagination and thanks to our aversion to negative things, we will only think about how much cleaner our carpets could be.  Noise volume and bags don't even matter now.

How can you put your customers' imaginations to work?