Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CROs play chess

When I go to the grocery store hungry, I always end up buying significantly more than I need.  I also end up buying cookies, crackers, chips, doughnuts, pizza, and ice cream.  I don't eat a lot of deserts or junk food, but when I'm at the store and I'm hungry, everything looks good.

Most companies put up websites and hire experts and agencies when they are hungry.  Everything sounds so good and looks so promising, but doesn't end up getting the results the company was after.

Your web developer gets paid to launch a website.  Your marketing guru gets paid to drive traffic.  Your SEO gets paid to make sure your content can be found and shared.  Your analytics team gets paid to make sure you have actionable data.  

These people may be from multiple agencies, the same agency, or internal.  Regardless of their location, their job is straight forward.  If the website launches on time, the marketing campaign increases traffic, and you have lots of data, everyone gets paid.  Unfortunately, that doesn't mean your company profits.  

The complexity of chess is derived from the differentiation of each piece.  It takes a strategic player to put all the pieces of a chess board to use in their greatest capacity.  Without a clear goal and a plan to achieve that goal, it's just a game of checkers.

Conversion Rate Optimizers are strategic players.  Our primary goals are business objectives; increase market share, revenue, profit.  We examine your traffic, your site, and your business to leverage each to its greatest capacity.  We reduce low quality traffic, make changes to your site to increase conversions, and use your business to attract and retain loyal customers.

Whether you're at the beginning of your web odyssey or you need to re-work your strategy, conversion rate optimization will keep you from buying junk food and help you achieve your business goals.