Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The value of profiles

When asked about who needs your product, many business owners reply with, "Everyone."  When your target is as broad as a barn, it is easy to hit, but a single hit doesn't affect the target at all.  When you profile your customers, it allows you to narrow your target.  Small targets can be greatly affected by even the smallest of projectiles.

$10,000 worth of advertising at the Super Bowl doesn't make much of an impact.  But $10,000 worth of advertising in a small town does.

J.R. Watkins supplies the soap and body wash for the gym I go to.  They also advertise heavily around the gym.  It seems odd for a household cleaning company to advertise at a gym, but not if you know their client profile.  J.R. Watkins makes natural products, and the consumers who are most interested in natural, are also interested in a healthy lifestyle.  It is no surprise then, that many of their customers have gym memberships.

Creating customer profiles (you may have more than 1 type of customer) not only helps you maximize the impact of your design and copy but also helps you discover new customers.  For J.R. Watkins, the idea is simple.  If our customers enjoy a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise at the gym, other gym members who enjoy a healthy lifestyle may be interested in our all natural products.

So, with the goal of narrowing your target, who are your customers?