Friday, January 25, 2013

Who wants to be perfect?

Simply put, perfection is boring.  

It is the hard times that bring us together, the bad choices and mistakes that teach us about life and make great stories, and the triumph over adversity that inspires us.  None of these things are perfect.  The path is messy and the outcomes flawed, but it is that detail that adds value and sparks interest.

A drawing or painting that is indistinguishable from a photograph in every way, may as well be a photograph.  All fairy tales need an antagonist, or it would just be a boring story about a perfect girl in a perfect house who meets the perfect guy.

Almost everyone tries to hide the rough edges of their product and service.  Maybe its our egos, but being honest about those same rough patches shows ownership and demonstrates character; two qualities that are rare in today's business world.

If your puzzle's missing a piece, don't be afraid to mention it before your customers find out on their own.  They'll appreciate your candor and maybe you can help them find the piece.  All's well that ends well.