Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Secret to conversion

A lot of people ask me, "What is the secret to getting more conversions?"

The answer is: Trust and Attention.  I don't think its a secret as much as it is often overlooked.  As business owners we think that if visitors see our website, they are paying attention to us.  Its also hard for us to believe that someone might not trust us, given our history.  We think of our websites as an extension of our established brick and mortar businesses.  Naturally our websites should be able to lean on the reputation of the company.

The truth about websites is they are more akin to a sales associate.  For first time visitors, they don't have any accolades or history.  The trust that they (sales associates and websites) earn and the attention they command will determine whether you choose to buy from them or not.  

If you have ever done face to face sales, you know that just because you got someone to talk to you doesn't mean they are paying attention to you.  You have to constantly engage your audience to keep them interested and attentive.  

Trust, the other key ingredient, is initially based on your uniform.  A suit for business services and a track suit for personal training convey authenticity.  If you reversed those, it would be hard to trust the quality of either offering.  As you start a conversation, trust is based on your delivery and believably.

A strong brand can overcome a bad sales person, but a small company can't afford to have someone out there tarnishing their name.  If your visitors don't trust you, it doesn't matter how great your offering is.  If your visitors aren't paying attention to you, they'll never hear your sales pitch.