Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Content for conversion

Creating and using content to bring visitors to your site has become the hottest way to get more traffic.  Gravitational, inbound, or content marketing is now a part of almost every SEO (search engine optimization) plan these days.

The idea is that if you create quality, useful content that people want to share, not only will you benefit from your visitors sharing your content with their friends, but search engines will pick up on this activity and rank you higher in various search engine results pages (SERPs) including long tail keywords (searches that have 3 or more words).  This is great because you get extra traffic and most studies show that 3-6 word searches have a higher click-through rate than 1 or 2 word searches.  But does this extra traffic convert?

Mingle2 (use to be OnePlusYou), an online dating site, created a bunch of fun online quizzes to drive traffic to their site, like Would you eat your buddies in a Blizzard?  Addictive pieces of content like quizzes and various infographics definitely bring you traffic, but in this case, the content is a complete non sequitur (doesn't have anything to do with online dating).

When you bring visitors to your site to view unrelated content, your website is no better than a commercial in the middle of your favorite show.  It is a minor inconvenience that you must bear in order to access the content you desire.  Of course, given enough traffic, someone will be interested in your offerings.

Why not create content that is directly related to your business?  A dating site could use statistics in an infographic to show that they have the best service.  When your content shows your success, highlights your benefits, and helps your prospects with the problems you are an expert at, everyone benefits.  You may not get as many visitors but would you rather talk to 10 people on the street or to 2 people who need your services?