Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Positively Persuasive

One of the tricks that many conversion rate optimization specialists promote is changing a positive statement about your product's value into a negative one.  Using negative statements can have a huge impact on conversion rate, but why?

Imagining a security company as an example, consider the two phrases:
  • Stay safe.  Use our security.
  • Don't be a victim.  Use our security
The first statement is positive and the second is negative, but they both support the same value proposition, "Our security keeps you safe."

Consider what feeling each phrase evokes.  The first says, joint the group and be safe.  We are all RÓ™bels at heart and as such its easy to feel self reliant and say we don't need help to be safe.

The second evokes the thought of being victimized and makes us feel vulnerable.

Negative statements don't necessarily work for everyone.  If you're looking for a boost in conversion rate, try changing positive statements to negative ones or vice versa and let your visitors decide!