Monday, October 29, 2012

Website Optimization vs Website Development

I read a blog post on econsultancy that referred to web development as a commodity.   Of course, an argument ensued in the comments as to whether web development was a commodity or an art.  

I tend to lean toward the idea that the initial phase of web development is in fact a commodity.  The days of throwing up a terrible website and attracting visitors are over, but why not put up an inexpensive template website and iterate?  If you start with something you know you don't love, you won't be afraid to test new ideas.

I think most agencies get carried away with their first draft of a website, trying to make it perfect.  This is impractical for user experience, time, and money.  Website optimization is an art.  Whether you want visitors to buy something, browse more, or share with their friends, the first draft of a website just helps you get a baseline for website conversion optimization.  

Build quick and optimize for results.