Saturday, October 20, 2012

Long Term CRO

If Conversion Rate Optimization never really ends (marketing changes, buying trends, industry shift, and internet evolution), what does a long term CRO plan look like?

After you have optimized your website conversion rate to make the most out of your existing traffic, CRO doesn't stop.  A long term CRO strategy should include the following:

  • Analyze quantitative data at least quarterly - You should look through your analytics data, purchase history, and customer service interventions to identify trends and gain insights on an on-going basis.
  • Gather and analyze qualitative data quarterly - You should survey existing customers, non-converting visitors, and your customer service representatives to identify pain points and gain insights into what is working on an on-going basis.  What your visitors and customers have to say will change over time.
  • Run at least 2 tests a month - Assuming an appropriate amount of traffic, consistently running tests allows for continued learning about what elements matter most to your visitors.  
  • Talk at least every 2 weeks - Keeping in touch, even if there is nothing to report, makes sure both parties are aligned and provides a convenient time to discuss new ideas or concerns.

Of course if you grow your website or start a new marketing campaign, a specific CRO plan to handle the situation is best.

CRO not only increases your conversion rate but keeps you inline with your customers and helps you keep up with all the changes that happen every day.