Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Don't be a rookie

Just because you're a rookie doesn't mean you have to act like one.

I received a phone call last night from a new sales guy at the dealership I bought my last car from, over 2 years ago.  The call went something like this:

Sales guy: I see you umm bought a uhm Highlander from us ahh a while ago?  I just umm wanted to see how its working out for you.
Me: Fine.
Sales guy: Do you ah need anything, or umm ah have you gotten service lately?
Me: Everything is just fine.
Sales guy: Okay.  Great.  I'm new here and am trying to build up a clientele so if you need anything ahh let me know.

Now, I'm definitely not a Glengarry lead, after all I believe a car doesn't come into its own until it has at least 100k miles, but no body is persuaded by ummm and ah.  His pitch lacked confidence, trust, and most importantly, a call to action.

A lot of websites are this same way.  The pages are disconnected, the purpose isn't clear, and there is no call to action.

Is your website still a rookie?