Friday, September 14, 2012

Just F***ing Do It

I have lots of, self-proclaimed, great ideas.  I write them all down and tell myself that I will chip away at them in my free time.  My problem is, when I do have free time and I'm prepared to start working through one of these great ideas, I can't decide what to do first. 

This feeling of being overwhelmed by tasks and options is not unique, especially in conversion rate optimization.  A wise man once told me: 
"If it doesn't get built, it doesn't matter... So, just f***ing do it!"  
The truth is it doesn't matter where you start.  You just have to start.  You can get through almost anything if you take it one task at a time.  It just takes the willpower (and in my case a red bull) to put your head down, trust in your ideas and plans, and get started.