Friday, September 7, 2012

Benefits of CRO, Part 1

Everyone understands the importance of getting more traffic, but it seems not everyone understands how important conversion rate optimization is.

Yesterday, Seth Godin posted about the gap between models and supermodels.  The gap exists in compensation and success, not quality.  The recent Olympics is another good example of this.  Races are won by mere fractions of a second.  All of the competitors are at the very top of their field, but the gap between Gold and Silver is the difference between a million dollar endorsement deal and your name in the newspaper.  

To make the leap from silver to gold, you don't have to be twice as good as your competition, you just have to be slightly better.  Conversion rate optimization can give you that edge.  Even small increases over your competitors in profit-per-visitor can have a immense effect on your profitability and success.

Note: Just like athletes, if you pull a Michael Phelps, ie. take it easy after you've reached a pinnacle point (2008), there will be a Ryan Lochte waiting to take your place on top of the podium.