Friday, August 31, 2012

Show your work

In math class I was always the kid that didn't understand why I needed to show my work.  I could easily multiply 6x8 and divide 24/3.  I felt like the extra task of showing my work was just meant to slow me down.  The real reason was so the teacher could understand and help me.

We often make assumptions about our website visitors and glaze over things we think are common or given.  Like not explaining why we are asking for your email or what we plan to do with it.  This applies to all areas of your website.  Usability tests can help identify areas in need of more explanation.  Showing your work anytime the question Why?/How?/What? comes up, gives your visitors the assurance they need to move forward, and allows them to help you fix it if your assumptions are wrong.

Are you showing your work?