Friday, December 14, 2012

It's time to increase your conversion rate

Most people think the best time to worry about conversion rates is when your site isn't doing well.  Hoping to pull their unsuccessful advertising campaigns out of the mud, they turn to website conversion rate optimization as a last hope.  

CRO can definitely help you reverse a bad trend, but the best time to start optimization is when you are already doing well.  The global average for website conversion rates is about 2%.  When you already have a solid or above average conversion rate, improvements to your site can provide exponential growth for your company.  

Website optimization techniques such as segmentation, trust building, and persuasion can give you a 30-70% increase over your current conversion rate.  If your website is already profitable, that increase goes straight to your bottom line.

Even if you have an awesome 10% conversion rate, that means that out of 10 visitors, only 1 finds what they're looking for.  You really don't think you could help 2?

Whether your site needs help or you're ready to capitalize on success, it's time to increase your conversion rate.

Still looking for excuses to start increasing your conversion rate?