Monday, December 17, 2012

Carrots and Sticks

On the surface, conversion rate optimization seems like it is just about carrots and sticks.  Various manipulations to push people through the funnel and increase transactions.  Carrots and sticks do increase transactions and even repeat transactions, but the other side of CRO is increasing loyalty.

Loyalty is when someone is willing to use your services or do something for you even when it may not be in their best interest.  So, how do you increase loyalty?

That's a great question.  One you should take a moment and ask yourself.  There are many paths to loyalty but every company is different.  After you strip away all the promotions, all the facts and figures, and all the things that differentiate your product from the next one, what reasons can you think of to stay loyal to your company?

It's at the bottom of a question like this, that we get down to our own emotions and feelings.  We care more. We are more dedicated, more interested, and love what we do.  Your company could undoubtedly use a little more of that feeling.  Don't just plaster it on your website to tell your visitors and customers, put it at the forefront of everything you do and show your customers why you get up every morning and go to work.