Tuesday, February 12, 2013

LinkedIn reaches 200MM and shares it's success

LinkedIn has reached the 200 million users milestone.  A proud day for any social networking site, but it's how they shared this news that has intrigued me.  LinkedIn ran the stats for all of its top users and doled out "awards" for those in the top tiers of use.  (I ranked in the top 10% of most viewed profiles.)

While the numbers are virtually meaningless, other than to say that I am an active user on LinkedIn, they impart a feeling of shared success.  Not only does this kind of statement allow users to feel like they had something to do with helping LinkedIn reach this milestone, it creates a sort of hidden obligation to help LinkedIn reach their next milestone.

When we see that we have done something and it is in writing, it is hard for us to rebut the fact that we have done it.  Regardless of my feelings toward LinkedIn, the fact that I was ranked in the top 10% for profile views implies that I am a fan and use it frequently.  By reminding me of this fact, LinkedIn is quietly urging me to stay consistent with this statement, and to continue helping them.

It also serves to change my mindset.  Before this "award" I didn't feel like I was a power user of LinkedIn, and truly I'm not, but it does have a way of making me feel like I'm doing better than I thought I was.

Opportunities, like this, to slightly alter the attitude of your fans, followers, users, and customers are gold.  You increase ownership and gain commitment to help you achieve your next goal.

Are you missing an opportunity to align your customers with your goals?