Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Social Business Syndrome

Medical Student Syndrome is when students studying medicine perceive themselves or those around them to be experiencing symptoms of the disease(s) they are studying.  It sounds humorous, but can become quite serious.

Businesses seem to have a similar issue with the social web.  Every time a business hears about a new digital hangout, they want to be there.  The benefits of marketing where you audience is are obvious, but if you have business goals in mind, you aren't being a good member of the society.  

Some experts suggest that you use a ratio (7:1, 3:1, 9:1) for the number of "social" posts to the number of "marketing" posts.  Personally, I think the ratio method is just as annoying.  Being a part of a group creates a mandate to participate, but the flip side is that the group needs you.  
Posting 9 links to funny cats doesn't make up for your 1 hard-sell.

If you want to get social with your business, figure out where you fit in.  Be yourself and find a group that needs you.  Every business has something to offer.

The success stories of a photographer on Facebook and an author on Quora aren't powered by any ratios.  Success on the social web is powered by using your business product and expertise to help groups of people solve their problems.

How does your business participate socially?