Monday, February 25, 2013

Advice from the CRO experts

Why do most CRO experts suggest you test "big" changes on your site?

Some small changes can be extremely relevant depending on the site, but in general "big" changes offer the biggest chance of "big" success (and failure).

Move the needle.

Time is a valuable resource.  Big changes tend to move the needle faster.  A 5% increase in conversion can take months to collect the necessary visitor data.  A 50% increase only takes a few days.

The odds are against you.

The average tester, one who runs a split test, only picks a winner 1 in 7 times.  That means 85% of the time, you are hurting your business; costing it time, money, and valuable conversions.  (Even the experts only average 1 in 3.)  This negative record means you need a bigger win to cover your losses. is a better way to test.  It minimizes the risks of testing and increases your ability to test small changes.  The project is just getting started, but if you're interested in learning more, give us your email and we'll keep you posted.