Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The internet is an ocean

The internet is an abstract concept like love or peace.  Although it is simply a network of connected computers, it can be and do almost anything you want.  In order to understand how the internet applies to winning customers and growing your tribe, a metaphor is in order.  Thus, the internet is an ocean and you are a fisherman.

There are different types of fishermen.  From those that captain large boats and use drag nets to those that use a pole and are content to catch just enough fish to support the family.  No matter the goal of any individual fisher, it requires the correct equipment, and careful study of the results to be able to repeat them and improve upon them.

If the internet is an ocean and you are a fisherman, then search engines, social networks, blogs, videos, e-books,  analytics and websites are the tools.  

A drag net won't help you catch catfish, and a pole can't reel in a school of shrimp.  It's important to use the correct tools to achieve your goals.

Is your web presence helping you achieve your goals?