Thursday, July 25, 2013

Weeding out bad conversions

Everyone gets bad conversions.  Customers who are hard to deal with, complain about your product, or demand a refund.  These customers end up costing you more money than they're worth.

Wouldn't it be great if you could weed out those visitors before they ever became customers?

Not only can you, but you should.  These customers could be drowning your business.

The key to being able to weed out bad conversions is the same as increasing your good conversions.  The same way you create a profiles of your ideal customers, you need to create a profile of the person you are trying to weed out.

Ultimately, the goal isn't to try to piss this person off and give them a hard stop (like putting a cookie on their computer that redirects them to Google every time they try to come to your website.)  You want to politely let them know they are in the wrong place and would be better served somewhere else.  

Progressive does an amazing job of this.  

Insurance companies make more money when they never have to pay out a policy.  So naturally, the best drivers are more profitable.  Progressive doesn't want to be competitive for bad drivers.  In fact, they would rather you choose one of their competitors.

By very clearly stating when they don't have the best price, they are politely saying, "You're in the wrong place.  Please leave."

This little comparison tool actually serves 2 purposes.  It weeds out bad conversions AND it's a marketing tool.  They can advertise that they care more about getting you the best deal than they do winning your business while only attracting their ideal customers.

Conversion optimization isn't just for increasing the number of conversions you get, it's also about increasing the quality of those conversions.

How can you weed out bad conversions?