Monday, July 22, 2013

Best way to double your business

It is a common goal for sales teams to want to double their sales.  They constantly look for ways to talk to twice as many people, or close twice as many calls.

For business owners and team leads, this is a worthy endeavor.  If successful, the company would double in size.  But, sadly for most companies, sales teams are rarely successful at doubling their sales.

Marketers always try to reach and attract twice as many people.  But advertising to twice as many people generally means spending twice as much.

The single best way I've seen to double the size of a business is conversion optimization.  

If you need more leads, you can tune your traffic sources to send better qualified visitors, and test changes to your site that get more of those visitors to become customers.

If your leads don't end up buying, you can test changing your site so that they know your sales process up front, before they contact you.  

If your leads are hard to sell, you can test segmenting your visitors to soften or weed out leads with a specific profile.

Most companies who have never worked on conversion optimization have a conversion rate of less than 2%.  Doubling that number so 3 or 4% of your visitors purchase or become leads is relatively easy.  

Even if you already have a great conversion rate of 10%.  That means only 1 in 10 visitors ever purchases from you.  Convincing 1 more person that they have found the right place is all about how you present your product.

Conversion optimization gives you a framework to generate new ways of presenting your product and test them to see what works best.

Could conversion optimization double your business?