Thursday, June 6, 2013

What makes your website so valuable?

Your website is the most valuable marketing tool you have because it is where you start, and maybe even complete, the sales transaction.  Seems like common knowledge, so why is this ground breaking?

Research shows that over 50% of customer loyalty is attributed to the experience of purchasing the product or service.  

It seems more logical that an amazing product at a great value from a trusted company would inspire more loyalty, but it doesn't.  I'm not saying that these things aren't important, but I am saying that the buying experience controls the majority stake in repeat business.

I understand that this is a hard concept to grasp, so let's look at a real world example.  Starbucks goes to great lengths to make the experience of purchasing coffee unforgettable.  The aroma of freshly ground coffee hangs in the air.  There's smooth music on the radio that's just loud enough to get lost in, but not so loud you can't hear yourself.  The hustle of the baristas adds to the noise of world around you while the comfortable lounge area calls for you to slow down and take a moment for yourself.  The same coffee at McDonald's, just isn't the same.  

Conversion Rate Optimization isn't just about getting people to say "yes" and click "buy."  It's about creating an experience that makes it easy to say yes and where you don't worry about clicking "buy now."  

CRO creates a process that instills trust, confidence, and gives the buyer piece of mind.  This reduces hesitation and buyer's remorse.  It all adds up to a better purchasing experience that increases customer loyalty.

Are you ready to start optimizing your website?