Thursday, June 27, 2013

Content Marketing Mistakes

Content marketing is one of the (current) hottest plugs for every agency out there.  Why not?  After all, content is king.  It demonstrates industry leadership, search engines love it, web users consume unstoppable amounts of it, and if you're lucky, it might even get shared and bring loads of free traffic.

If your business model is to sell ads on your website, all you need is viral content.  But, I've seen an increasing number of businesses, B2B and B2C, that are publishing traffic attracting content and getting no business results.  What's worse is there are agencies saying that you should use your content to attract potential customers 3 years before they need you.

The goal of conversion optimization is to reduce the length of the sales cycle, not open it up to 3 years!  So, how do you create content that brings conversions?

You have to create content that helps people make a purchase.

By focusing your content on the people who are already looking to buy, you don't waste time and effort trying to build a long term relationship that will be lucky to last 3 minutes, let alone 3 years.

What does this content look like?  Well, have you ever taken your tech friend to go help you pick out a computer?  Or asked your mechanically inclined friend to help you pick out a car?  It's kind of like that. 

You're an expert in your industry, so it seems obvious that you would be the best equipped to help someone navigate their options.  You get more conversions from this kind of content by shining a light on your own business and solutions.

These visitors are already looking to buy, and if you do it right, you've set yourself up to be their best option.

Here's a real world (personal) example: Choosing the right Conversion Optimization Company.   

What does your current content help visitors do?