Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bringing the customer back

Return/repeat customers are one the most valuable segments of customers.  They are more likely to purchase more, share with friends, and continue to be a customer.  

Getting a customer to return and buy again should be easy.  We prefer things we know vs those we don't, and a customer already knows you.  And we remember the past with rose colored glasses, meaning we are more likely to forgive past transgressions and over state the positives.

If return customers are more valuable and easier to attract, why don't more marketing campaigns focus on getting customers to return?

My guess is that we assume that since the client or customer already knows us, they will come back when they are ready.

Waiting for the customer to return on their own is ridiculous.  They could have forgotten about you, got busy and can't remember your name.  Or, maybe they haven't returned because you haven't asked.  They may not have an immediate problem and don't want to bother you until they need to.  Of course, by that time it is too late for both of you.

By reaching out to past customers you instantly remind them who you are and invite them back.  If they enjoyed working with you, the invitation will be hard to turn down.  This can be accomplished passively with a newsletter, coupons, or promotions, or aggressively directly with a personalized correspondence, a survey request, or even asking for a referral.

Your customers chose you for their business.  Don't make the mistake of not choosing them for your customers.