Wednesday, March 6, 2013

3 Segmenting mistakes to avoid

Sprint's website is currently trying to segment its traffic into current customers or potential customers and personal or business customers.  Here is a screen shot of their home page.

Mistake 1 - Overlapping Segments:  
They have 4 overlapping segments.  You could have a thousand segments if you like, but they shouldn't overlap.  You can see above that there is a "Personal" and a "Business" option in both categories.  As well, a current customer may want to browse for a new phone.

Mistake 2 - Customer Survey:  
They are requiring that the customer take a survey and label themselves before they even begin the experience.  Nobody wants to be labeled or forced down a particular path.   
Sprint could achieve the same segmentation results by having 3 options, "Log In" (presumably what a current customer would want to do), "Browse Personal", "Browse Business."  These three options don't feel like a survey, but rather help a customer weed out irrelevant information.

Mistake 3 - Same Experience:
I have clicked on all four of these links; the business ones take you to the same page and the personal ones take you to the same page.  What's the point of separating the options?  Is it just to force me to take a survey?  

Overall, this is a pretty weak way to start a relationship... with a survey that offers no benefit to the visitor.  If you can automatically segment your traffic without a survey, the experience will be much smoother.  If you need to segment your visitors on the home screen, make sure you deliver on your promise of a more relevant experience.